Bringing Customer Ideas To Life: Chapter One (Custom Car Banners)

Bringing Customer Ideas To Life: Chapter One (Custom Car Banners)

We've recently added a new service to our shop which you can find here, this new service will provide our customers an opportunity to design a more personalized banner for their vehicle! 

We are excited to announce this new series of blog's, that go over our clients custom banner orders in detail so that way we can share the process with upcoming potential customers, with that being said lets jump right into the first chapter! 

Our first client Corbin submitted his order form and wanted a custom Zenitsu banner with a black background. For this banner our client actually wanted two different poses of Zenitsu on the banner so he submitted a couple of reference photos for the poses that he wanted. For the first pose he wanted Zenitsu drawing his sword out of its sheath, for the second pose he wanted Zenitsu in his "Thunder Clap and Flash" form!


He requested for orange lightning to be flowing throughout the banner, and also wanted his Instagram username to be on there too, so we added that in there as well! After a few revisions, edits and discussing the placing of everything we finally settled on the final product we think it came out really good thanks again Corbin!


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